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mandag 19. juli 2021

What to do with the injected if they become a danger to the un-injected?

The Luddite Hippie

While most of the world today is bent on preventing those us inclined towards a “wait and see” approach to the coronahoax injections masquerading as “vaccines” from taking part in the world, some more far-sighted and open-minded organizations are planning for the exact opposite.

There is significant amount of evidence that the whole coronahoax has been planned for decades and that its main objective is to get people to take some sort injection against it which is the vehicle used to create a new global digital ID system which, initially, bestows privileges for those who have allowed themselves to be injected. The Luddite Hippie exposed this back in late spring 2020 through the News Update newsletter. Others exposed it in various ways too. This was not something difficult to do, one only had to know what the plans were as stated by the global, financial elite and the United Nations’ World Health Organization and then do a little research based on those statements. Being aware of the details behind the now known- to-many UN Agenda 21, Agenda 30 and Agenda 50 prior to the coronahoax helped.

For those not so aware, one can sum it up all very neatly with the idea that world governing body is to be set up (The UN) which is driven by technology, data and “science” (whose, exactly?) where everything in the world is owned by the financial elite (super-mega-rich billionaires) who will be more like feudal overlords than anything else. By now, most have probably heard of the phrase “Welcome to the year 2030. You own nothing but are happy” as put out by the World Economic Forum last year.

This can and likely will be done through massive sovereign debt defaults when interest rates rise but that is another topic for another day as far as this essay is concerned.

If you have any doubt about the coronahoax being planned for decades, please visit this video (ENG, ~ 82:00 min’s, subs available) and learn about the patents, statements and documents about it prior to the announced outbreak.

(VIDEO TEASER: 73 patents about and for parts of a “novel coronavirus” including patents for “treating a thing which does not yet exist” and more are exposed in the above linked video.)

Once you accept the premise about the coronahoax being planned and you recall the stated goals – wherever in the world you live – that a certain percentage of the population MUST be vaccinated to achieve the necessary level of “herd immunity” in order to open things up and “live with” the virus. Typically, the percentage stated varies between 75 and 90 percent in most nations, but if you read the “goals” from WHO or the World Economic Forum (WEF) the pandemic does not end until “every single person in the world is injected.” (Yes, they use the word vaccine, but by standard medical and legal definitions that injections are NOT vaccines, a word that carries distinctions not met by the coronahoax injections.)

Most importantly, note the accompanying “vaccination certificate” which in the EU is now digital and cross-border compatible. This system is being expanded to be compatible worldwide. The purpose of this new digital ID is to bestow special privileges formerly known as civil rights to those who have been good at obeying the edicts of “health” authorities throughout the world and received both their coronahoax injections – and of course, any future “booster shots” as mandated to keep those privileges.

Much evidence this is the plan, from the beginning, was provided via The Luddite Hippie’s newsletter the past year. There is no real need to provide it again here and now, these days it’s not that hard to find online and in various videos found on Bitchute. For those more skeptical this pix from the EU’s EMA coronahoax digital injection verification app announcement tells it all: Covid-19 and Covid-21 are indicated. Is there any reason at all to not believe a long list of other injections will be listed on that digital “vaccination” certificate as time goes by? Or that failure to always have the green checkmarks for whatever the powers that be decree necessary will swiftly remove all one’s former rights, now mere privileges very quickly and thus reducing one to a peon under medical tyranny?

It's not as if we are not already being softened up for COVID-21 or COVID-22 as some new thing in the not too distant future. Which is not that different from what the John Hopkins University SPARS exercise was all about – but with a timeframe of 2025-2028. And there will be more than just the two or three shots for COVID-19 if the gene therapy manufacturers get their way.

If you want additional verification that this new ID that will give access to less-restricted travel, bigger entertainment venues and whatever else is decreed down the road is NOT a theory, this article lays the groundwork in softening up the sheep who bought the coronahoax 1.0 for coronahoax 2.0. What is remarkable is the fact that this week in France PM Macron has decreed internal use of the injection certificates. In the UK PM Johnson has introduced them through the back door by urging businesses and venues to require injection passports, something he doubled down on the next day just put pressure on the younger ones to get jabbed. In the US CNN and several politicians have noted that life must be made much more difficult (even a living hell) for us non-injected by not allowing us access to jobs or our children. And, the White House supports mandates if proclaimed by local governance. Yeah, all in the first two days of this week, nothing coordinated or suspicious about that.

Last week we had evidence of the US military taking part in a program to inject students without either informed or parental consent at Canfield Middle School. For those outside the US, the age group that attends middle school is 12-14 years of age give or take a few months. The White House assures us that events at Canfield Middle School in Idaho is now official policy.

While I am far from alone in noting this, all too many are not realizing the danger arising from the coronahoax. This article offers a decent analysis of how the current situation developed and has a great few paragraphs towards the end about the coronahoax perpetrator’s next step: totalitarianism.

What else can on call it when people practically forced to take part in a medical experiment? Forced by having to choose participation or loss of income, entertainment and (surely coming soon) the ability to go grocery shopping in person. An experiment where one is not informed of the risks or the fact that one might just be given a placebo (see pg. 19) which has no effect on the coronahoax “virus.” Forced if you’re a healthcare worker in France to now be injected or else be terminated as mandated by law, beginning an authoritarian nightmare.

I doubt it’s very reassuring to know that as a healthcare worker you might have only been injected with a placebo should you have faith in the experimental injection. Worse is if you as a medical professional know about the admitted phenomenon of “shedding” or “transferring” something from the injected to non-injected through contact; the Hippocratic oaths’ first principle is to “do no harm.” This admitted to and well documented effect of the coronahoax injections transmitting something – likely the spike protein at the very least – to those near and dear to the injected person is the great concern.

Actually, it is the GREATEST of concerns.

We who have decided that as of right now the risk from the coronahoax “illness” is less than the risk from the injections have no control over or way to stop being affected by an injected person shedding whatever and transferring it to us so we end up with an adverse reaction or worse. If you have made a judgement and decided to prudently hold off from being injected with any of the coronahoax injections for now, how do you prevent yourself from being exposed to or having something from them transferred to you through contact with an injected person? Would you want an injected health care professional touching you? (I would definitely not.)

This was reported far and wide in the alternative media about two months ago, but since then very little attention is given the issue. It’s as if someone or some corporations or even governments doesn’t want this to become widely known to the common man, woman or child, isn’t it?

However, amidst all this doom and gloom, proof through patents video the coronahoax was planned long ago, and something truly dangerous to every single human being on planet Earth in terms of health, freedom, politics, finance and status as a human being or not we see the beginning of some resistance which can and may well make a big difference.

The first of these stirrings of real resistance to the coronahoax agenda came about shortly after those four British Airways pilots died shortly after injection. Yes, that was supposedly debunked right up until British Airways CONFIRMED the deaths. Shortly after that confirmation, a certain airline association “allegedly” met to consider how the airlines could protect themselves from potential lawsuits should it be required for airline passengers to have the double coronahoax injections. The concern was due to the blood clotting the coronahoax injections are causing in many. Sitting still for hours in a cramped seat – just like deep vein thrombosis occurs in some – is thought to make such clotting more likely if one’s received the (for now) double coronahoax jabs.

Of course, that story has now been scrubbed off the net and instead replaced by various “fact” checking “services” indicating that it never happened. As a news-junkie I can assure you it did - I thought it was a very sensible idea. And no, you sceptics need be advised the info now scrubbed came not from social media but from an announcement by an airline association’s webpage.

Now, that association was merely just a little bit ahead of its time in my opinion. Because of the shedding / transferring / propagating issue, there are now credible news sources, reasonably mainstream ones, reporting on other businesses refusing to service the injected. The first one that received mainstream press was a nail salon that refuses to do the mani-pedi and whatever else they do if you’ve been injected. We also have this German recruiting firm that will only list jobs for the un-injected (original German). I am certain there is more of this that ought to be reported, but try various way to search for information about jobs that are for un-injected. No matter how you word it or “game it” with Boolean expressions, nothing but the official narrative type links pop up for pages on end no matter what search engine you chose.

There are also reports of entertainers who refuse to entertain at venues that exclude the un-injected. This rocker has pulled out of an upcoming festival gig in Sheffield UK because only the double jabbed can attend it. Good for him, bet he’s far from alone.

During the time this article was written there have been new developments of course. Only one qualifies as necessary to mention at this late stage: The UK is likely to convert the coronahoax injection passport into a national digital ID card according to a company working on it. Exactly as predicted a year ago would happen if we kept on believing the coronahoax propaganda.

Finally yet importantly, and before answering the question posed in the headline, it seems this monologue from Tucker Carlson is VERY telling about where this is headed if we, The People do not put a quick end to coronahoax and the tyranny being built up around it. Mr Carlson details and reacts to the US government’s proposal to monitor private SMS text messages between private individuals for coronahoax misinformation. True information like the information in this article, but information that’s contrary to the official narrative. Isn’t the US the bastion of free speech as enshrined in its written Constitution? Seems it was so, but the Constitution is now reduced to just another historic piece of paper with no effect today.

So, with all the above truth concerning recent developments about the coronahoax aren’t you rather angry about how truths have been kept from you? Aren’t you getting angry about the nonsensical “rules” we’ve had to follow for about a year and a half? Are you getting angry about the fact that these and seeming ever more strict rules are about to be re-imposed this autumn and winter? Do you feel that you’ve done your due diligence, been a good and law abiding citizen and yet have been fooled by the people and agencies you should have been able to trust?  And which you did trust?

If you are late getting this information, which us “conspiracy theorists” have been shouting from the rooftops by any and all means available to us for over a year, can you imagine how much worse you’d feel? Not that it matters now, what matter now is what do we DO with that anger and about those liars who have perpetrated this, the greatest hoax in recorded history?

Obviously, the offenders must be punished. They must be even though that looks unlikely today. That is where YOU come in.  YOU need to lend your voice and ACTION (beyond typing on your keyboard) towards ending the coronahoax. The coronahoax ends one way and one way only: NON-COMPLIANCE.

If no one gets tested, they have no cases which are the basis for the “contagion prevention” measures. No matter how tempted, coerced or pressured you are to get a “coronahoax virus test” DO NOT TAKE ONE! Just say “no!” Just saying no is keeping people in Norway whom have exhausted all appeals to prevent deportation from being deported! No country will accept them without a test. Are such illegal immigrants smarter than us? I hope not, and I hope we all take a lesson from them if we are:  REFUSE ALL COVID TESTS.

The next and most obvious thing to do is stop wearing that mask or as I have called since day one that face diaper. It’s disgusting and does NOTHING for you or anyone else, except signal your obeisance to the powers that be whom are running the coronahoax. The more people who face diaper, the faster they can and will implement their planned tyranny. Most countries have “rules” not laws and loads of exemptions. Use them to your advantage and stop signaling you’re “going along to get along” with the hoax.

Since we are now all informed of the FACT that many who took the injections are or will be suffering long and/or short-term adverse reactions or worse, and because they are spreading those adverse effects to the un-injected we need to separate the survivors from the un- injected somehow. This is important ugly as it sounds. It is also as pragmatic as it sounds ugly.

Since these coronahoax injections modify a person’s genes permanently those who took the jabs are a danger to us who wish to not have our genes permanently altered to produce the dangerous spike protein in our bodies due to the shedding or transferring that’s documented and admitted. There is NO off switch for the process. I do NOT want my body to produce that protein in my body ever. Many others who have studied the independent research provided by world-class scientists, epidemiologists, genetic researchers, doctors and vaccine developers (like f.ex. Dr. Mike Yeadon) already take steps to avoid the injected. People like those noted about who will not serve the injected or whom are helping the “vaccine hesitant” find jobs where no jab will be required.

But that will not be enough.

Since I do not believe in celebrity or name-dropping, I’ll just leave it at this: Some are beginning to call for forced quarantining of those who survive being injected. It’s kind of ironic considering that both Australia and Canada have suggested quarantine camps – not hotels – for the un-vaxxed. This was exposed last summer through video taken in the Canadian Parliament and several articles about it from Australia.

I and others like me should demand not only that the perpetrators of the coronahoax be tried and if found as guilty as this article indicates they are given severe penalties. And we should demand that those who with willful ignorance “went along to get along” out of their own cowardice should be treated the way they wanted to treat us who safeguarded our original human genes intact. The sooner the better I’d suggest.

Why sooner rather than later? Because of this last piece of information: Self-spreading vaccines. They have been developed and used for years (Filavac & Eravac) to prevent Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2). Taking into account all the information above, can there be any doubt that this technology advocated by John Hopkins University (pg. 6) is the cause of injected people shedding or transmitting adverse effects to the un-injected? I think it’s obvious, and thus the only answer to protect the human genepool is place all injected people who survive the shot in quarantine camps as soon as possible.

The Luddite Hippie is a former IT Consultant, Project Manager and Tech Writer who during the corporate career stage of life was employed primarily by Fortune 50 Companies in the US and UK.

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