Jordanian newspaper: "Let's kill the Jews everywhere"

Kilde Elder Of Ziyon

This article, by Dr. Muhammad Qasem Batayena writing in Jordanian newspaper Assawsana. is the worst one I have ever read. And that's saying something.

Batayena is apparently a Ba'athist, and in other articles he writes of his support for the Assad regime and he refers to Saddam Hussein as a "martyr." Even so, as you will see, he will happily use Koranic references as well.

The title of the piece is "Let's Kill the Jews Everywhere."

I'm not an extremist, nor racist… I'm not bloodthirsty and not vengeful… I'm not a terrorist and I've never been a killer… All my life I hated the color red, and my dictionary never included the word "blood"… I am not bloodthirsty at all… but I'm an oppressed Muslim and an Arab whose will has been taken away from him… that is how we were shaped in (these) bad times, which we haven't chosen (to be born into)… this is how it was planned that we should be… we are living in volcanic lands… We smell the smell of blood coming from every direction… they [presumably the Jews] turned the color of the ground into red… our people's body parts were scattered and their factions fought each other (literally "shot at each other") through Arab-like Hebrew hands ["musta'ariba", see Wikipedia for analog Mista-arvim]… and because I look at all these things without doing a thing – for that I'm an Arab.

Because all my limbs are chained and I cannot move… because my tongue was made silent by the treacheries of the blood-traders [Arab rulers who made peace with Israel or at least don't fight it]… because my heart became dead and my words are no longer virgin, because my brown skin hides behind it chagrin/sorrow/anger and humiliation/disgrace, and therefore I am an Arab for sure… because our blood is permitted, while the blood of the apes and pigs is forbidden… because the Arab tyrants sold us for a cheap price and served us on golden plates as sacrifice for the Zionists… because the rotten Jewish tourist walks around [Arab countries] firmly guarded by Arab guards, in order to guard his filthy soul… because any Arab who wants to pray in Jerusalem has to obtain a visa from the killers of the children of Palestine… because the hero Daqamseh , see here] is described as "a criminal murderer by our Arab-like ["musta'arabin" again) ambassadors in the so-called Israel, and therefore I'm an Arab, unfortunately.

Yes, unfortunately, our identity is lost since that whore Livni slept on the bosom of the rulers of Qatar, and its leaders kissed Hillary Clinton and hugged the black whore Condoleeza Rice… Yes, unfortunately I'm an Arab since Palestine has been erased from the map of the world… since that/one Canadian policeman told me that Israel is oppressed and it has to be aided [not sure if he means the Canadian government, or he refers to a personal encounter with an actual Canadian policeman]… since I found out that the entire world collects donations in order to support Israel in getting rid of terror, therefore I'm sorry that I'm an Arab.

Thus, I have to be ashamed of my Arabness... I have to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich, with chagrin and weakness… but this will never happen… since our great leaders have taught us that Falsehood might win the battle but Truth wins the war, our paragon, leader and Master (the prophet) Muhammad Bin Abdallah Peace Be Upon Him taught us this... Yes, we will triumph, pray in Jerusalem and take revenge on the filthy murderers… we will kill them wherever we find them, as the Holy Koran told us [referring to the verse in the Koran which begins: "And kill them wherever you find them… " Sura 2, verse 191]… we will make them taste the taste of death, in which they became masters all over the Islamic and Arab lands… Yes, we will kill them, and I swear that if I get the chance, I won't miss it… since I believe in Allah and his Messenger, and I know that this world is nothing but the enjoyment of a delusion [another Koranic reference]…Therefore I want to be proud that I'm a Muslim Arab who doesn't believe in the Arab borders [he is a Baathist/nationalist Arab who believes in Arab unity "from the Maghreb to the Gulf"].
This is important not only for its unmistakable message of genocide against Jews, but from the perspective of the Arab honor/shame mentality.

Batayena is writing exclusively from the point of view of Arabs being deeply humiliated by the very existence not only of Israel, but of Arabs who dare make peace with Israel. While this level of vitriol is unusual in even for the Arab media, it is clear that his point of view is not anomalous or even unusual.