Summer camp in Gaza: Kids learn to kill and abduct Israelis

Israel Today

10,000 Gaza kids as young as age 6 attend Hamas summer camp, where they learn to kill with assault rifles and abduct Israeli Jews.

The annual Hamas-run summer camp in the Gaza Strip has started up, and features the same unbelievable line-up of activities, such as learning to fire live assault rifles, avoid capture by the authorities and abduct Israeli Jews.

To increase the realism, tires are left burning all around the camp ground, and the sounds of explosions can be heard constantly.

An estimated 10,000 Gaza kids between the ages of six and 16 attend the camp every summer. Let that sink in - first graders are being trained to kill people with guns and violently kidnap Jews.

UK newspaper The Daily Mail, which has a reporter in Gaza, wrote that the camp "appears to have been designed to mold its visitors into the terrorists of tomorrow."

To make sure the children know just what it is their being trained to fight for, their masked Hamas supervisors also provide a number of lessons and workshops on Islam and becoming a martyr for Allah.