Norway: The Land of Pre-Chosen "Truth"

Gatestone Institute

When Muslims themselves now understand there is an issue, politicians and key decision makers throughout the West might do well to understand this, too -- and seriously support them.

Another level that will have to be addressed is how Islam is presented in Europe's education system. The Norwegian translation of the Koran has been abridged to take out the less charming parts. Islam is presented as if it were already reformed. It is as if Einar Berg, the translator of the Koran, were shocked by what he translated, and trying to package it in a more charming light.

Amal Aden, at left in the picture with a police escort, has been living with death threats from Muslims for years, including threats from Arslan Maroof Hussain (right).

The crucial question is: Will Islam now be reformed to meet the version found in the textbooks? Or will the textbooks be altered to describe accurately Islam's stated ideology?

This self-censorship -- whether voluntary or the result of some implicit threat -- is the death of enlightenment, humanism and the foundation of all science: the spirit of free inquiry.

Possibly more important is the pervasive, divisive focus on non-believers -- the insistence on disparaging them and killing them -- and how this might well condition the minds of many Muslims, especially children.

Islam gives every child this conditioning. Imagine if those tenets were the desired result of every Confirmation, or every Bar Mitzvah or every First Holy Communion.

Norway also has plans to deport at least 7,800 illegal asylum-seekers this year.

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