Gaza? West Bank? Syria? Egypt maybe? No, it's in FRANCE!

Originally posted on Facebook by Benny Bern on Saturday, July 26, 2014
The only thing that matters for these people is to terrify the population, to destroy, to hate.

I cannot even imagine myself walking in Paris and passing next to them. What if they would know that I'm jewish? Would I be lynched until I would be killed? I'm convinced that it is YES. And if you dont believe this, then let's make a test. Let's have a jew walking next to them. Let's see their reactions.

I don't really see a difference anymore between being pro-palestinian and being antisemitic. Attacking a synagogue or jewish people on the street just because they are jewish, it's not a pro-palestinian act, it is simply antisemitism.

They enjoy this. It has become a priority for them - and this is just the beginning.

But worse are the politicians who don't do anything against this. - Shame on them! - They will be next...