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tirsdag 21. september 2021

Two important bits of information

By MelodiAnna. 

I am writing to give you two important bits of information:

Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid
Interviewed by Max Igan from "The Crowhouse", John O-Looney a funeral undertaker in England with credentials and experience over 15 years, exposes the government COVID-19 death coverup since 2019 that will be amazed and astound you what's going on duping the public big time. The link to his interview is in Fuellmich's Telegram account and in Rumble: 

I speak very good english but I had to hear him twice to really get the full understanding of what he is saying. My God, my God,...

Food shortages
The same people that caused Covid and created the injections are also creating starvation. 

Please keep almost a daily check on the information from Christian (known as IceAgeFarmer) with events that may lead to food shortage.  They can also affect Norway since you depend on fresh vegetables and fruit from Southern Europe. I read IceAgeFarmer for a long time now and can assure you he is reliable. 

I am writing from Southern Europe and we are experiencing huge increase on prices for cattle food, flour (bread, pasta etc), iron and aluminium. There is shortage of medicines against worms for animals.

Please share.