Christians Beautify Their Palestinian Nightmare

Op-Ed av Giulio Meotti sakset fra Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:

Palestinian Arab Christians have chosen to support the side that wants to destroy Christianity. Hating Jews forges a bond between enemies.

The movie “The Stones Cry Out” by the Italian filmaker Yasmine Perni “gives a detailed account of the historical, cultural, and political place occupied by Christians in the recent history of the Palestinian nation, and in its struggle against colonialism”.

The movie is one of the most powerful propaganda tools of the Palestinian Arab Christians. The documentary is supported by Sabeel, the Christian organization based in Jerusalem which foments anti-Semitism through the Scriptures, while Catholic authories and PLO propagandista such as Hanan Ashrawi “blessed” the movie.

Ashrawi and her Christian friends have taken over the role of beautifying the Palestinian Arab nightmare. The problem of these Christians is not the security fence, but the ideological fence which always placed  them on the other side,against the Jews. These Palestinian Christians believe that they are the beneficiary of Islamic cultural superiority and they can save themselves by throwing Judaism (Israel) and Christianity (the West) into the dustbin of history.

Last winter a muezzin in Bethlehem was heard for the first time saying “after Saturday comes Sunday”. It means that after they’re done with the Jews, they’ll be coming after the Christians. And the Christians  will have only themselves to blame.
(Se Dokumentaren First Comes Saturday Then Comes Sunday med blant andre Brigitte Gabriel om islamsk forfølgelse/ genoside av Kristne og Jøder i Midtøsten HER )

While claiming that they are innocent victims resisting “the occupation” and aspiring only to “security, justice, and peace”, these Palestinian Arab Christians accept the vandalism of synagogues and cemeteries, the burning of Jewish schools and the killing of innocent Jewish civilians, and above all the mantra chanted to the world that the state of Israel is an entity to be destroyed.

Miftah, the NGO founded by Hanan Ashrawi, recently published an article claiming that Jews use the blood of Christians for Passover rituals.

There is a long tradition of anti-Semitism from the Palestinian Christian establishment. In 1989, Jerusalem’s Roman Catholic patriarch Michel Sabbah supported the Intifada as he celebrated a Christmas Mass at Jesus’ birthplace. “Despite all that is happening to you, you will win, in the end you will win,” declared Patriarch Michel Sabbah, appointed by Pope John Paul II. Off Manger Square, Muslims chanted: “The Zionist is God’s enemy!” and “Jews, Mohammed is coming back!”.

But it is not just Ashrawi’s fault. It is an entire Christian establishment, including Christian mayors of Bethlehem, Christian prelates and bishops appointed by Rome, Christians intellectuals such as Edward Said and Christian ordinary men like those interviewed for movies such as “The Stones Cry Out”.

Palestinian Christians have manipulated Western public opinion so well that on the very rare occasion that Western media do cover the real plight of Christians in the Palestinian Authority areas, it is only to denounce Israel and its barrier or checkpoints.

Last year veteran CBS News anchor Bob Simon reported on the Palestinian Arab Christians, indicting Israel’s “occupation” as responsible for their dramatic disappearance. The 60 Minutes story caused Israel tremendous PR damage. As in the case of “The Stones Cry Out”, the CBS video doesn’t mention forced marriages, conversions, beatings, land thefts, fire bombings, commercial boycott, torture, kidnapping, sexual harassment, and extortion which Arab Christians suffer under the horrible PLO dictatorship.

A report in 2002, based on Israeli intelligence gathered during Operatio Defensive Shield, explained that “Arafat’s intelligence network intimidated the Christian population in Bethlehem. They extorted money from them, confiscated land and property and left them to the mercy of street gangs and other criminal activity, with no protection”.

Christian graves, crosses, and statues were desecrated and Christians suffered physical abuse, beatings, and Molotov attacks.

But it would be a mistake to depict these Christians as mere victims of Muslim Arab violence. They are also guilty, since they choose to demonize Israel as the human rights violator.

After the 1948 war, Christian communities suffered most in Judea, not under “Israel’s occupation”, but because Muslim refugees were settled in their midst by the corrupted PLO leadership. According to veteran journalist Danny Rubinstein, who has been writing about Palestinian Arabs for the last 46 years, “Bethlehem saw an influx of thousands of Muslim refugees from the villages in the southern part of Jerusalem, and three refugee camps were erected”.

Until Palestinian terrorists turned Bethlehem into a safe haven for suicide bombers and Jews’ assassins, the Christian Arab Bethlehemites were free to enter Jerusalem, just as many Israelis visited the "little town" in Judea.

The horrible Arafat gang turned Bethlehem and its holy places into the town which exported a string of deadly terror attacks into Jerusalem during the Intifada. In Beit Jala, the Christian town on the outskirts of Bethlehem, Islamic sharpshooters established their firing positions next to churches and Christian institutions and aimed. The target was the southern Jerusalem residential Jewish neighborhood of Gilo, but ultimately they also wanted to cleanse any Christians from the area. The result is that 25,000 Christians left Beit Jala and only 6,000 Christians still live in that town.

The Jews have always challenged any kind of totalitarianism and today are the first in line to challenge a political Islam that wants to destroy their soul: the State of Israel.

The Palestinian Christians stand today at the opposite side of the barricade. One day they may realize the strategic mistake they made by embracing Palestinian fascism, but it will be too late for all of them.

Giulio Meotti er forfatter av boken "Et nytt holocaust - den ukjente historien om jødiske ofre for terror" en bok som anbefales på det sterkeste og som kan bestilles HER