Muslim Brotherhood Claim: New Egyptian President Adly Mansour is Jewish

The Algemeiner

Interim Egyptian President Adly Mansour. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Interim Egyptian President and Supreme Court Chief Adly Mansour became the target of Muslim Brotherhood mudslinging on Friday, complete with a counterfeit Facebook page, an impersonated journalist and an inevitable “retraction” from the Brotherhood website.

On its website, the Muslim Brotherhood sought to unmask Mansour, born and educated in Cairo, as a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, which it re-classified as a Jewish sect, thus making him a descendant of Jews.

The Brotherhood’s claim, since removed from the website, was attributed to Al-Jazeera reporter Ahmed Mansour (no relation to the interim president), who on a Facebook page, now believed to have been created to perpetuate this myth, said that Adly Mansour even approached the Coptic Pope in an effort to move closer to Christianity, but was refused a baptism. In the post, Mansour concludes: “Congratulations, [Egypt], you are now ruled by Jews and Christians.”

The Brotherhood’s website quoted Ahmed Mansour as posting: “This is a token gesture offered to the Jews by [former IAEA chief and Egyptian politician Mohamed] ElBaradei so that he can become President of the Republic in the fake elections that the military will guard and whose results they will falsify in their interests…All with the approval of America, Israel and the Arabs, of course.

“This is the glorious scene of the future of Egypt and the Arabs, who competed to recognize the coup, the coup whose drum the secularists are dancing to…even to the extent that one of them, who hates religion, Islam and the nation announced that he has been reborn…and that his date of birth is 30/6, that is, the day the army of defeats staged a coup against ballot box legitimacy.”

For his part, Ahmed Mansour denied that the Facebook page belonged to him, posting on his Twitter account, which appears to be real, that, “I do not have a Facebook account and everything that was published in my name through Facebook is false.”

According to Israel’s Channel 1o, the interim Egyptian president is set to name a provisional government, which he is to preside over, as early as Sunday. Among the candidates for prime minister being suggested is ElBaradei.