Deadly syndrome threatens the Western World

While ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups almost unhindered can ravage as they wish, politicians all over the Western World continue to flood their countries with increasingly more Muslim refugees and asylum seekers. The whole thing seems to be a multicultural experiment conducted without regard of the consequences this may have for the Western countries in the short and long term. It's like witnessing the story of Babel all over again, where the whole world will be gathered under one roof in a tower that reaches up to heaven.

Politicians, media and all sorts of "experts" are queuing to trivialize the problem and defend the Islamic immigration, claiming that all the atrocities we are witnessing today has nothing to do with Islam. If anyone should think and say otherwise, they will be stamped and denounced by the politically correct elite. In Norway, Pegida-leader Max Hermansen even lost his job because he did not have the politically correct opinions.

In the United States, President Obama is showing to the crusades and says that Christians also have their violent history. In Germany, Merkel condemns her own countrymen when they try to protest against the dangerous developments that we all feel are taking place. In France, they're denying the problem while begging their Jewish population to remain, in spite of that Jews are being harassed, threatened and spat on in Paris. The same thing is happening in the Scandinavian countries, where Sweden has gone completely off its hinges by setting its doors wide open to all who wish to come from the Muslim world.

Has multiculturalism become a political prestige project? Have immigration and asylum seekers become big buissiness for cynical politicians, journalists and organizations? Or is the Western World simply suffering from a psychological phenomenon called the Stockholm Syndrome, where the victims develop sympathy for their offender, and eventually shows negative feelings towards those who try to rescue them out of the situation?