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fredag 13. februar 2015

Er muslimske liv mindre verdt i mediene?

VG har idag en kommentar av Shazia Sarwar i forbindelse med at tre unge muslimske amerikanere ble drept av "en hvit mann", som forøvrig er ateist. Sarwar hevder i sin kommentar at saken knapt ble omtalt, før den eksploderte i sosiale medier.

Dette er fullstendig tull. På CNN har de nærmest ikke gjort noe annet enn å beklage og kondolere siden saken ble kjent. Jeg tror aldri jeg har hørt så mye beklagelse i nyhetene før. Selvsagt er det tragisk når slikt skjer, for ethvert liv er like mye verdt uannsett hvilken religion man tror på. Derfor stiller jeg spørsmålet tilbake til Shazia Sarwar med henvisning til listen over aktiviteten til muslimske jihadister de siste 30 dager.

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2015.02.12 Nigeria Biu 7 20 A female suicide bomber slaughters seven people at a packed market.
2015.02.11 Iraq Baghdad 10 25 Ten civilians lose their lives when terrorists send mortar shells into two Shiite neighborhoods.
2015.02.10 Cameroon Koza 7 8 Boko Haram hijacks a bus with passengers, kills seven and kidnaps eight young girls.
2015.02.10 Egypt Arish 10 0 Ten people are beheaded on video by Ansar Bait al-Maqdis.
2015.02.10 Afghanistan Kunduz 1 3 Five suicide bombers managed to kill only one other person.
2015.02.09 Pakistan Hayatabad 1 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen murder a Shiite doctor.
2015.02.09 Iraq Kadhimiyah 18 42 A Sunni suicide bomber takes out eighteen innocents near a Shia shrine.
2015.02.08 Niger Diffa 5 15 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at a pepper market, killing five patrons.
2015.02.07 Iraq Baghdad 22 45 A brutal suicide bombing at a packed restaurant snuffs out the lives of twenty-two innocents.
2015.02.06 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A 26-year-old female American aid worker is reported dead by the Islamic State after being held for a year and a half.
2015.02.06 Libya Benghazi 2 20 A suicide bomber kills a man and child.
2015.02.05 Syria Damascus 10 50 The Army of Islam sends rockets into mainly Christian neighborhoods, killing ten residents.
2015.02.04 DRC Beni 21 0 Seven women are among twenty-one villagers hacked to death by ADF-NALU.
2015.02.03 Libya Mabrook 13 0 Islamists storm an oilfield and slit the throats of thirteen employees.
2015.02.03 Egypt Alexandria 1 2 A civilian is killed - and a child injured - by an Islamist bomb at a checkpoint.
2015.02.03 Syria Raqqa 1 0 The caliphate releases a video showing a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage.
2015.02.02 Nigeria Gombe 5 8 Two suicide bombers kill five people at a market.
2015.02.02 Syria Raqqa 1 0 Another gay man is thrown from a building by Sharia activists.
2015.02.02 Pakistan Nari Baba 3 2 Religious radicals blow up three locals.
2015.02.02 Iraq Tikrit 7 28 Seven Iraqis are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.02.01 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Iraqi captives are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.02.01 Afghanistan Chasht 4 3 Fundamentalists pour automatic-weapons fire into a police post, killing four officers.
2015.02.01 Syria Damascus 6 20 Terrorists blow up a bus carrying Shiite pilgrims, killing six.
2015.02.01 Pakistan Karachi 4 1 Four Sunnis are gunned down in two sectarian attacks.
2015.02.01 Nigeria Maiduguri 12 37 A dozen people lose their lives when Boko Haram gunmen attack a small city.
2015.02.01 Nigeria Gombe 3 7 A bomb at a market leaves three dead.
2015.02.01 Nigeria Potsikum 9 24 A suicide bomber murders nine innocents at a political gathering.
2015.02.01 Pakistan Jhang 2 0 Two sisters are honor killed by their family for refusing to marry men picked out for them.
2015.02.01 Iraq Karaghol 2 5 Jihadis blow up two civilians.
2015.02.01 Iraq Sensil 11 0 The remains of eleven ISIS execution victims are found in a mass grave.
2015.02.01 Egypt Rafah 3 4 Two women and a child are crushed to death by two rocket attacks on their homes.
2015.02.01 Nigeria Dalwa 22 5 Nearly two dozen others lose their lives during a Boko Haram attack.
2015.02.01 Iraq Sinuni 25 0 Twenty-five Yazidi victims of an ISIS execution are discovered, including women and children.
2015.02.01 Syria Aleppo 2 16 Army of Islam members target a neighborhood with rockets, killing two residents.
2015.01.31 Iraq Baghdad 3 10 Mujahid bombers lay out three people near an auto repair shop.
2015.01.31 Iraq Baghdad 3 10 Three civilians are killed when ISIS fire mortars into their neighborhood.
2015.01.31 Afghanistan Nuristan 4 0 Four border guards are taken out by Taliban bombers.
2015.01.31 Afghanistan Herat 2 2 A man and his son are reduced to parts by a bomb planted by religious hardliners
2015.01.31 Iraq Madain 4 11 Four people at a sheep market are sectionalized by a Jihadi bomb blast.
2015.01.31 Iraq Harbaya 6 0 Six members of a family are exterminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.01.31 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A Japanese journalist who converted to Christianity is beheaded by caliphate members in the name of Allah.
2015.01.31 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 70-year-old Shiite is murdered by Sipah e-Sahaba.
2015.01.30 Iraq Kirkuk 6 70 ISIS fighters fire rockets into a town, killing at least six.
2015.01.30 Pakistan Orangi 1 0 A man dies from head injuries suffered during a fundamentalist attack on a polio team.
2015.01.30 Pakistan Shikarpur 61 100 A Jundullah member sets off explosives inside a crowded Shia mosque, killing over sixty members including children.
2015.01.30 Syria Tal Abyad 1 0 A gay man is thrown from a roof and then beaten to death when he survives.
2015.01.30 Afghanistan Dara-e-Suf 0 7 Sunnis bomb a rival mosque during Friday prayers.
2015.01.30 Thailand Pattani 1 3 A Buddhist police officer is ambushed and killed by Muslim gunmen.
2015.01.30 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 2 0 Two children die from gunshot injuries suffered during an attack by Islamic fundamentalists.
2015.01.30 Iraq Jalawla 7 0 At least seven Kurds are killed by a suicide bomber.
2015.01.30 Iraq al-Dour 37 0 Forty-four people are abducted from their homes by the Islamic State - which subsequently executed thirty-seven.
2015.01.30 Iraq Samarrah 14 29 Fourteen Iraqis lose their lives to two Fedayeen suicide blasts.
2015.01.30 Iraq Nukhaib 6 0 A half-dozen people are incinerated when a suicide truck bomber rams a reception hall.
2015.01.30 Nigeria Nwonko 27 0 Women and children comprise the bulk of twenty-seven villagers massacred by Fulani terrorists.
2015.01.30 Iraq Baghdad 27 30 Over two dozen people are killed in back to back Jihad bombings.
2015.01.30 Cameroon Fotokol 3 12 Three defenders are killed during a cross-border raid by Boko Haram.
2015.01.30 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 A 50-year-old road worker is shot in the head by Ansar Beit al-Maqdis.
2015.01.29 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 2 A child is sectionalized by a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2015.01.29 Afghanistan Mesri Kala 4 0 Three civilians are among four killed by a Taliban landmine.
2015.01.29 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 3 0 Three people are kidnapped and beheaded by Ansar Beit Al Maqdis.
2015.01.29 Afghanistan Kabul 3 1 Three US contractors are shot in the back by a terrorist in uniform.
2015.01.29 Egypt al-Arish 26 58 Over two dozen civilians and soldiers are killed when Ansar Beit al-Maqdis attack a hotel and barracks with rockets.
2015.01.29 Afghanistan Mehtarlam 16 39 Sixteen mourners at a funeral are shredded by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.01.29 Egypt Rafah 1 6 Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis open fire on a police checkpoint, killing one member.
2015.01.29 Iraq Youssifiyah 4 12 Terrorists bomb an outdoor market, killing four patrons.
2015.01.29 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 10 A Jihadi bomb at a commercial center claims the lives of two bystanders.
2015.01.29 Yemen Marib 2 2 Two local soldiers are murdered by al-Qaeda.
2015.01.29 Iraq Mishahada 7 28 A double suicide bombing produces seven dead Iraqis including first responders.
2015.01.29 Iraq Tarmiya 3 11 Three people in a farming community are laid out by a Mujahideen blast.
2015.01.29 Iraq Latifiyah 1 2 A woman bleeds to death following a Mujahid bomb blast.
2015.01.28 Pakistan Sargodha 4 0 A man shoots his sister and three children to death over suspicion of unIslamic morals.
2015.01.28 Mali Tabankort 9 0 At least nine are killed by two suicide bombers.
2015.01.28 Yemen Radda 7 5 Seven Shiites are laid out during an al-Qaeda attack on a house.
2015.01.28 Nigeria Adamawa 10 0 Ten more victims are reported 'slaughtered like rams' from a seven town murderous rampage by Boko Haram.
2015.01.28 Afghanistan Herat 1 2 A woman is taken out by a Taliban bomb.
2015.01.28 Afghanistan Ghanzi 11 6 Eleven Afghans are shot to death by Sunni hardliners.
2015.01.28 Lebanon Shebaa Farms 2 7 Two Israeli soldiers are killed by Hezbollah terrorists.
2015.01.28 Somalia Kismayu 13 0 At least thirteen others lose their lives to an al-Shabaab attack.
2015.01.27 India Tral 1 1 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen gunmen open fire on a security patrol, killing one member.
2015.01.27 Egypt Alexandria 1 2 Fundamentalists set off a car bomb that leaves one dead.
2015.01.27 Libya Tripoli 10 2 Five foreign guests and five guards are killed when Islamists storm a hotel after setting off a bomb.
2015.01.27 Afghanistan Kot 2 0 Two brothers are shot to death by suspected Taliban.
2015.01.27 Iraq Mosul 10 0 Ten more physicians are reported executed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.27 Iraq Saladin 10 0 Ten Kurds are lined up and shot in the head by devout Sunnis chanting praises to Allah.
2015.01.27 Iraq Tikrit 6 4 A half dozen Iraqis are blown to bits by Mujahideen bombers.
2015.01.27 Iraq Maria 6 0 Six civilians are executed for arguing with caliphate members.
2015.01.26 Iraq Barwanah 72 0 Shiite militias pull seventy-two Sunnis from their homes and execute them.
2015.01.26 Nigeria Michika 30 6 Thirty people are reported killed when Boko Haram attack two villages.
2015.01.26 Iraq Abu Ghraib 6 8 Children are among six civilians disassembled by a Mujahideen blast targeting an humanitarian aid agency.
2015.01.26 Syria al-Shadadi 1 0 A young man is beheaded to shouts of 'Allah Akbar.'
2015.01.26 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A former court official is assassinated by suspected Taliban.
2015.01.26 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Fundamentalist gunmen pick off a guard for a polio team.
2015.01.26 Yemen Abyan 5 0 Five local soldiers are ambushed and killed by al-Qaeda.
2015.01.26 Philippines Barangay Tukanalipao 49 11 Moro Islamists open fire on police, killing nearly fifty.
2015.01.25 Syria Damascus 7 43 At least seven are killed when Jaysh al-Islam send dozens of rockets into a neighborhood.
2015.01.25 Iraq Baghdad 7 11 A bomb placed outside a restaurant nets seven dead bodies.
2015.01.25 Iraq Mosul 7 0 Seven women are executed for refusing 'temporary marriage' with caliphate members.
2015.01.25 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A captive is beheaded on video by ISIS.
2015.01.25 Iraq Arab Jabour 3 2 Three defense volunteers are pulled into pieces by an ISIS bomb.
2015.01.25 Syria Aleppo 3 11 Sunni terrorists kill three civilians with a rocket attack on their neighborhood.
2015.01.25 Iraq Tikrit 4 0 Four Iraqis are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.25 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite dies from injuries suffered during a targeted attack by Sipah-e-Sahaba.
2015.01.25 Iraq Baghdad 4 8 Four patrons are killed when Jihadis bomb a cafe.
2015.01.24 Pakistan Korangi 2 0 Two Shiite shopkeepers are murdered by Sunni radicals.
2015.01.24 Iraq Baghdad 3 8 Terrorists kill three civilians with a car bomb.
2015.01.24 Iraq Baghdad 3 8 A bomb blast at a cafe leaves three dead.
2015.01.24 Iraq al-Amin 3 7 Sunnis take out three Shiites with a bomb planted near a produce stand.
2015.01.24 Iraq Zafaraniyah 4 13 Jihadis bomb a Shiite restaurant, killing four patrons.
2015.01.23 Lebanon Ras Baalbak 3 7 Islamists stage a cross-border attack on Lebanese troops, killing three.
2015.01.23 Iraq Basra 5 0 Five imams are assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2015.01.23 Philippines Zamboanga 2 54 An Abu Sayyaf car bombing outside a bar leaves two dead and four dozen injured.
2015.01.23 Iraq Baghdad 2 11 A blast targeting soccer fans takes out two.
2015.01.23 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Four university professors are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.23 Syria Damascus 1 6 A civilian bleeds out following an al-Nusra mortar attack on a neighborhood.
2015.01.23 Nigeria Bantaje 1 0 Muslim extremists butcher a pastor and father of two.
2015.01.23 Nigeria Kambari 15 0 Fifteen villagers are slaughtered by Boko Haram.
2015.01.23 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A Japanese hostage is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.01.23 Libya Tripoli 1 0 Islamists gun down a guard outside a UN office.
2015.01.23 Iraq Sinjar 50 0 Fifty people are summarily executed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.23 Iraq Muqdadiyah 7 0 Two journalists are among seven people reportedly killed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.22 Libya Sirte 2 0 Two men are shot to death by suspected Fajr Libya.
2015.01.22 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 2 16 A Shahid suicide bombing claims the lives of two locals.
2015.01.22 Iraq Taji 8 21 Eight Iraqis are liquidated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.01.22 Somali Mogadishu 5 23 Five people are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber at a hotel.
2015.01.22 Iraq Samarra 4 14 A booby-trapped house produces four dead bodies.
2015.01.21 Iraq Albu Ghanem 2 13 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders two Iraqis.
2015.01.21 Syria New Sabri 2 35 A Fedayeen suicide bombing takes out two Christians.
2015.01.21 Israel Tel Aviv 0 13 Thirteen bus passengers are stabbed by a Palestinian.
2015.01.21 Syria Homs 7 30 Terrorists set off a car bomb in a shopping district, killing seven patrons.
2015.01.20 Afghanistan Jaghuri 8 2 Women and children are among eight civilians ripped to shreds by a Sunni roadside bomb.
2015.01.20 Iraq Sadr City 3 7 Sunnis blow up three Shiite bus passengers.
2015.01.20 Iraq Diyala 26 0 The bodies of over two dozen ISIS execution victims are discovered in a mass grave.
2015.01.20 Iraq Baghdad 5 11 Five people outside a clinic are reduced to pulp by Religion of Peace bombers.
2015.01.20 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An elderly cleric is put to depth for refusing allegiance to the caliph.
2015.01.19 Afghanistan Laghman 2 1 Two people are killed by a Taliban landmine.
2015.01.19 Afghanistan Khost 1 6 A Taliban bomb at a shop leaves one dead.
2015.01.19 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A guard loses his life when Islamists attack a polio team.
2015.01.19 Pakistan Karachi 4 1 Islamic militants are suspected in two shooting attacks that end the lives of four local cops.
2015.01.19 Syria Damascus 1 2 A child is killed when terrorists fire a mortar into a sports complex.
2015.01.19 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 9 Jihadi bombers take down two civilians outside a cafe.
2015.01.19 Iraq Hajaj 7 12 Seven Iraqis are disassembled by a series of Mujahid bomb blasts.
2015.01.18 Pakistan Nazimabad 2 0 Two guards are shot to death by Sunni Jihadis for providing security at a Shiite mosque.
2015.01.18 Pakistan Korangi 1 0 A Shiite is shot to death by Sunni radicals.
2015.01.18 Iraq Baiji 12 6 Twelve Iraqis lose their lives to an Islamic State attack.
2015.01.18 Afghanistan Kandahar 0 3 A child is among the victims of a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.01.18 Cameroon Tourou 4 24 Boko Haram capture dozens of children from a village, killing at least four who resist.
2015.01.18 Nigeria Potiskum 4 48 A female suicide bomber detonates at a bus station, claiming four kills.
2015.01.18 Afghanistan Helmand 4 10 Four Afghans are wiped out by a Shahid suicide bombing.
2015.01.18 Jordan Zarqa 1 0 A woman's throat is slit by her three uncles for meeting with a man without permission.
2015.01.18 India Bihar 1 0 A young Hindu man is murdered by Muslims for dating a Muslim girl. (This triggers a deadly riot).
2015.01.17 Syria Deir Ezzor 17 0 Seventeen people are crucified by the Islamic State over a two day period.
2015.01.17 Mali Kidal 1 1 A peacekeeper is murdered by Islamic extremists.
2015.01.17 Pakistan Rawalpindi 3 0 A Shiite lawyer and his two nephews are sprayed with automatic weapons fire by dedicated Sunnis.
2015.01.17 Iraq Iskandariyah 4 14 Jihadis set off a bomb at a vegetable market, killing four innocents.
2015.01.17 Iraq Sabaa al-Bour 5 14 Five Shiites at a market are reduced to pulp by Sunni bombers.
2015.01.17 India Kulgam 1 1 Muslim radicals shoot a local cop to death.
2015.01.17 Iraq Samarra 22 0 Twenty-two people are reportedly killed by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2015.01.17 Indonesia Tamadue 5 0 Muslim terrorists murder five Christians in two attacks.
2015.01.17 Iraq Sadr City 9 25 Sunnis blow up nine Shiites waiting for cell phone service outside a shop.
2015.01.17 Somalia Baidoa 1 0 Islamists gun down a rival cleric.
2015.01.17 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five women in their thirties are summarily executed by Muslim fundamentalists.
2015.01.17 Niger Zinder 1 0 An angry Muslim mob burns a church with one person inside.
2015.01.16 Syria Deir Ezzor 16 0 Sixteen civilians are executed and 'mutilated' by the Islamic State.
2015.01.16 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An engineer is executed by the Islamic State.
2015.01.16 Mali Tenenkou 9 0 Nine people are murdered in a surprise attack by men shouting praises to Allah.
2015.01.16 Iraq Husseiniya 3 11 Sunni bombers strike a Shiite commercial district, killing three.
2015.01.16 Iraq Zalaya 8 12 Hardcore Islamists booby-trap a house, managing to kill eight security personnel lured to help the occupants.
2015.01.16 Iraq Baghdad 4 13 Terrorists fire mortars into a neighborhood, killing four residents.
2015.01.16 Nigeria Gombe 6 10 At least a half dozen patrons at an outdoor market are sectionalized by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.01.16 Niger Zinder 1 22 Muhammad cartoon protesters attack the police, killing one and injuring several.
2015.01.16 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 A child is taken out by a suicide bomber.
2015.01.15 Iraq Qayara 3 0 Three captives are publicly hanged by the caliphate.
2015.01.15 Syria Mosul 2 0 Two men are thrown from the roof of a building by Islamists who cite Muhammad's rule for dealing with homosexuals.
2015.01.15 Syria Mayadin 1 0 The caliphate beheads a captive.
2015.01.15 Algeria Kabylie 1 0 The body is found of a French tour guide, taken hostage by Jihadis and beheaded.
2015.01.15 Afghanistan Almar 2 1 Two Afghans are opened wide by Taliban shrapnel.
2015.01.14 Somalia Puntland 2 3 Islamists murder two police officers at a remote post.
2015.01.14 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 3 3 Three policemen bleed to death after suspected Taliban fire a rocket at them.
2015.01.14 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 Religious militants lob a grenade into a house, killing one person.
2015.01.14 Iraq Kobachi 16 0 Sixteen Islamic State victims are found shot in the back of the head.
2015.01.14 Syria Idlib 1 0 A woman is shot to death by al-Nusra for adultery.
2015.01.14 Iraq Jalawa 6 0 Six bodies are found in an ISIS mass grave.
2015.01.14 Nigeria Gombe 2 14 A suicide bomber detonates outside a mosque, taking two others with him.
2015.01.14 Iraq al-Karma 11 0 A child is among eleven Iraqis executed in front of their families by ISIS.
2015.01.13 Afghanistan Kabul 2 2 Talibanis kill two civilians with a bomb planted in a Toyota.
2015.01.13 Iraq Diyala 3 0 At least three men are abducted and murdered by fundamentalists for the 'UnIslamic' practice of raising birds.
2015.01.13 Afghanistan Paktia 3 0 Three civilians are pulled into pieces by a Taliban bomb.
2015.01.13 Pakistan Rizvia 2 0 Two members of a secular party are shot outside their home by suspected Taliban.
2015.01.13 Iraq Samarrah 4 18 Sunni suicide bombers kill four Shiites.
2015.01.13 Syria Raqaa 2 0 An ISIS video show a child executing two prisoners.
2015.01.13 Egypt Luxor 1 0 A Muslim radical shoots a 38-year-old Copt to death.
2015.01.13 Libya Ajdabiya 3 4 Three people are taken out by a Shahid suicide car bomber.

* Honor killings appear on the list, but are not included in the counter