IS calls to kill police in Belgium

VTM Nieuws

Today a video was posted online of the Islamic terrorist movement IS which some jihadis call their "brothers" to continue the jihad as possible in Europe. That website reported the latest news.

The video appears as a response to the attacks in France. That would only be the beginning of a series of terrorist attacks in Europe. Belgium is known as one of the countries where supporters of IS will commit attacks. Also called Germany and Switzerland.

It is specifically asked to kill police officers. "If you see a cop, then kill him. . Kill them all "IS-combatants who can not come to the IS caliphate, in Europe, should their" do best "to kill infidels," Do what you can. "

Just today were carried out anti-terrorist actions anywhere in the country by the police. In the town of Verviers attacked in an operation two deaths. The safety level is for justice and police buildings already erected to level 3. Whether there is a connection with the threatening video is not clear.

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