Viktig dokumentarfilm premiere 30 november, pluss gratis e-bok

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As I have been documenting with my work since March 2020, from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been lied to by the government, the mainstream media, and virtually the entire "public health" establishment.

They claimed that the "lockdown" measures would be short-term, just "two weeks to flatten the curve" so that hospitals wouldn't be overwhelmed, even though the key model they were relying on to justify this policy course called for perpetual lockdown until the population could be mass vaccinated.

Then they claimed that if we didn't accept continued authoritarian "lockdown" measures, the result would be mass graves. But places that locked down hardest had similar or worse outcomes than places that implemented less strict measures or relied on voluntary behavioral changes.

They claimed that if everyone just wore a mask everywhere they go, case numbers would plummet, but places where mask mandate compliance was very high had similar or worse outcomes than places where there were no mandates or where mask use was low.

They claimed that natural immunity was waning rapidly and so herd immunity could never be achieved without a vaccine, and when the vaccines were rolled out, they claimed that they would confer superior and long-term immunity that would enable the population to achieve herd immunity and end the pandemic. In fact, studies have shown just the opposite, that natural immunity is robust and long-lived while the immunity induced by vaccines is short-lived, with protection against infection waning rapidly and infected vaccinated individuals being just as contagious as the unvaccinated.

It's been lie after lie after lie, and still a discomfortingly huge proportion of the population goes on trusting and believing the "public health" "authorities". We need to help awaken the masses from their delusion. That starts with educating ourselves and ends with us sharing that knowledge with others to kindly and gently help them see reality.

Next Tuesday (November 30), a new documentary series will launch online called COVID Revealed. Each episode will be available to watch for free for 24 hours. It's brought to us by the same team that did Vaccines Revealed, GMOs Revealed, Money Revealed, and Endgame, and I anticipate that it will be a great educational opportunity.

One guest I know will be featured is Tom Woods, whose radio show I've been on twice and who has been an important voice of sanity throughout the pandemic. When you sign up for the free viewing of the docu-series, you can also download his e-book COVID Charts CNN Forgot, which presents the data showing that the lockdown measures had no observable impact on the epidemic waves.

It's worth signing up for that alone! Anyhow, I just wanted to alert you to this opportunity: