Aktiviteten til "Fredens religion" de siste 30 dager

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2014.12.08 Syria Sulouk 1 0 A man is beheaded in front of children for 'blasphemy'.
2014.12.08 Bahrain Damistan 1 0 A local cop is killed by Hezbollah-linked radicals.
2014.12.07 DRC Beni 36 4 Islamist rebels massacre over thirty villagers in overnight attacks.
2014.12.06 Afghanistan Chamtal 4 20 Four people die from splinter injuries when a fundamentalist tosses a grenade into a wedding party playing music.
2014.12.06 Yemen Wadi Abdan 2 0 An aid worker and American photographer are executed in cold blood by al-Qaeda.
2014.12.05 Somalia Baidoa 15 41 A suicide bomber detonates outside a tea shop, slaughtering fifteen passersby.
2014.12.04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 52-year-old woman expires after being hit in the head and back by Muslim gunmen.
2014.12.04 Chechnya Grozny 10 28 Ten people are killed in a brazen attack on a housing complex by Islamic militants.
2014.12.04 Iraq Sadr City 11 25 Sunni bombers target a row of restaurants in a Shiite part of town, killing eight patrons.
2014.12.04 Iraq Sadr City 7 21 Seven people at a market are aerated by Mujahid shrapnel.
2014.12.04 Iraq Shaab 3 12 Sunnis bomb a Shiite restaurant, killing three.
2014.12.04 Iraq Kirkuk 16 22 Sixteen innocents at a restaurant are murdered by Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2014.12.04 Pakistan Gwadar 1 0 Fundamentalists assassinate the principal of a co-educational school.
2014.12.04 Somalia Mogadishu 2 1 A former lawmaker is assassinated by al-Shabaab along with a bodyguard.
2014.12.04 Nigeria Bajoga 24 0 Dozens are reportedly killed when thirty Boko Haram gunmen on motorcycles roll up on two unsuspecting villages.
2014.12.04 Syria Deir al-Zor 11 0 Eleven men are beheaded on video by caliphate members.
2014.12.04 Iraq Tikrit 4 1 A woman is among four civilians machine-gunned in their car by the Islamic State.
2014.12.04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three musicians are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.12.04 Pakistan Nawagai 3 0 A man, wife and child are mudered by Taliban militants.
2014.12.03 Syria Deir al-Zor 19 0 Nineteen others are reported dead after an ISIS suicide attack.
2014.12.03 Somalia Mogadishu 4 9 Four are left dead after an al-Shabaab sucide bomber detonates near an airport.
2014.12.03 India Pohu 1 6 Islamic militants hurl a grenade at a group of police, killing one.
2014.12.03 Israel Mishor Adumim 0 2 Two Israelis in their 50's are stabbed at a supermarket.
2014.12.03 Nigeria Lassa 11 20 At least eleven innocents lose their lives when Boko Haram go on a church-burning spree. Twenty girls are kidnapped for sex slavery.
2014.12.03 Lebanon Arsal 1 2 One person is killed by a bomb planted just outside of a Christian village.
2014.12.03 Yemen Sanaa 1 6 A suicide bomber at an ambassador's residence takes out a guard.
2014.12.03 Iraq Arab Jubur 9 7 Three children are among nine civiians who bleed to death when terrorists lob mortars into their neighborhood.
2014.12.03 Pakistan Lower Kurrum 1 1 Sunni radicals kidnap, torture and execute a Shiite man.
2014.12.02 Afghanistan Bala Murghab 6 0 A half-dozen local soldiers are ambushed and murdered at their guard post by Sunni hardliners, including an 'insider'.
2014.12.02 Libya Benghazi 9 27 A child is among nine killed when Ansar al-Sharia fire a shell at a hospital.
2014.12.02 Lebanon Ras Baalbek 6 1 Islamic State militants ambush and kill six Lebanese soldiers.
2014.12.02 Kenya Korome 36 0 Islamists slaughter three dozen Christian quarry workers after separating them from Muslims. Several are beheaded.
2014.12.02 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Three people die from a Jihadi bomb placed on a bus.
2014.12.02 Iraq Tuz Khormato 5 12 Five people lose their lives to a shrapnel bomb blast along a city street.
2014.12.02 Iraq Husseiniya 3 7 Mujahideen bomb a popular market, laying out three patrons.
2014.12.01 Nigeria Ekiti 1 0 One person is killed during by attackers chanting praises to Allah.
2014.12.01 Somalia Wajir 1 12 al-Shabaab hurl grenades into a bar, killing at least one patron.
2014.12.01 Tunisia El Kef 1 0 A police officer is beheaded by radical Muslims.
2014.12.01 Nigeria Maiduguri 22 40 Nearly two dozen people are laid out at a market by young female suicide bombers.
2014.12.01 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 3 0 Three border guards are machine-gunned by Taliban fundamentalists.
2014.12.01 Afghanistan Burka 9 18 Nine mourners at a funeral are exterminated by a suicide bomber.
2014.12.01 Nigeria Damaturu 47 78 The bodies of forty-seven defenders, doctors and children are found after Boko Haram storm a small town.
2014.12.01 Iraq Balad 8 20 Eight residents are killed when ISIS send mortars into a Shiite neighborhood.
2014.12.01 Bangladesh Gournadi 0 13 A Muslim gang smashes idols and beats Hindus in their homes and near a temple.
2014.12.01 UAE Abu Dhabi 1 0 An American kindergarten teacher and mother of three is stabbed to death in a targeted attack at a mall.
2014.12.01 Iraq al-Walid 16 4 Sixteen border guards are murdered by ISIS.
2014.11.30 Syria Aleppo 4 0 A woman and her three children are pulverized by an al-Nusra mortar.
2014.11.30 Iraq Baghdad 4 9 Four people at a restaurant are taken out in mid-bite by Sunni bombers.
2014.11.30 Iraq Baghdad 3 12 Holy Warriors bomb a grocery, killing three patrons.
2014.11.30 Iran Jahrom 0 6 Six 'improperly veiled' women are stabbed following a call for violence by a cleric.
2014.11.30 Iraq Samarrah 6 4 Pro-Sharia car bombers kill six Iraqis.
2014.11.30 India Shopian 1 0 A man is killed in his home by religious radicals.
2014.11.30 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two members of a secular-leaning party are cut down by suspected Taliban.
2014.11.30 Iraq Nineveh 3 0 Three tribal elders are executed by the caliphate.
2014.11.30 Pakistan Islamabad 2 0 A cleric is one of two Shiites picked off by Sunni gunmen.
2014.11.29 Pakistan Sukkur 1 0 A religious leader is gunned down in his own mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.11.29 China Xinjiang 3 15 A Muslim bombing and stabbing attack leaves at least three others dead.
2014.11.29 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A Buddhist woman dies from injuries suffered during a shooting by Muslim 'insurgents' at her grocery.
2014.11.29 Iraq Mosul 10 0 Ten doctors are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.29 Syria Kobani 11 0 At least eleven others are killed in a series of ISIS suicide bombings.
2014.11.29 Afghanistan Kabul 3 0 Three suicide bombers murder a charity worker and his two children at a foreign guesthouse.
2014.11.29 Yemen Hadramawt 3 0 al-Qaeda militants fire an RPG point-blank at a vehicle, killing three occupants.
2014.11.29 Nigeria Shani 40 0 Scores are reported killed when Islamists ride motorbikes into a Christian town and fire indiscriminately at fleeing residents.
2014.11.29 Pakistan Korangi 1 1 Radical Sunnis fire on two Shiites, killing one.
2014.11.28 Afghanistan Nawzad 4 5 A suicide truck bomber takes out four Afghans.
2014.11.28 Egypt Cairo 2 0 Two police officers are murdered by suspected Islamists.
2014.11.28 Pakistan Hayatabad 2 1 A Taliban bomb kills two people.
2014.11.28 Afghanistan Khogyani 0 36 Radicals bomb a rival mosque during Friday prayers.
2014.11.28 Afghanistan Camp Bastion 6 16 A massive suicide assault on a local army base leaves six defenders dead.
2014.11.28 Pakistan Kuchesar Chauplato 2 0 A Hindu and his Muslim bride are quickly hacked to death by her conservative family.
2014.11.28 Nigeria Kano 120 270 One-hundred and twenty members of a mosque are taken out by two suicide bombers shortly after their imam calls for peace.
2014.11.28 Iraq Sabaa al-Bour 3 12 Mujahid bombers send shrapnel through a commercial district and claim three shoppers.
2014.11.28 Iraq Husseiniyah 4 9 Four people at a market are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers.
2014.11.27 India Jammu 7 2 Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists militants murder three Indian soldiers and four civilians in a suicide assault.
2014.11.27 Afghanistan Kabul 6 33 Three members of the same family are among six people blown apart by a suicide bomb blast.
2014.11.27 Nigeria Mubi 40 35 Islamists bomb a bus stop, killing over three dozen.
2014.11.27 Iraq Madaen 3 11 Women are among the casualties of a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2014.11.26 Iraq Badghis 2 7 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills two people.
2014.11.26 Pakistan Quetta 4 3 Three women are among four polio workers machine-gunned by fundamentalists.
2014.11.26 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two former female candidates for parliament are captured and executed by a Sharia court.
2014.11.26 Yemen Shabwa 5 3 Five local soldiers are murdered at their base by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2014.11.26 Egypt al-Arish 3 0 Three Egyptians are shot to death by Islamic extremists.
2014.11.26 Syria Irbin 1 0 al-Nusra shoot a man to death for 'insulting the prophet Muhammad'.
2014.11.26 Nigeria Mubi 5 7 A Boko Haram bomb leaves five dead.
2014.11.26 Iraq Baghdad 5 8 Five shoppers at an outdoor market are reduced to pulp by Jihadi bombers.
2014.11.26 Iraq Sadr City 7 15 Sunnis car bomb a Shiite commercial district, killing seven.
2014.11.26 Pakistan Parachinar 1 0 A prayer leader is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.11.25 Nigeria Maiduguri 78 54 Two young female suicide bombers detonate in a packed market, killing nearly eighty, including those who rushed to help victims of the first blast.
2014.11.25 Israel Jerusalem 0 2 Two Jewish seminary students are stabbed by Arab youth.
2014.11.25 Syria Deir Ezzor 2 0 Two men are stoned to death by the caliphate after being declared homosexual.
2014.11.25 Pakistan Korangi 1 5 Two women and a child are among the casualties of a motorcycle bomb.
2014.11.25 Mali Bourem 2 4 Two people are killed by a bomb planted by suspected al-Qaeda.
2014.11.25 Iraq Trebil 5 9 A Shahid suicide bomber exterminates five Iraqis.
2014.11.25 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 A man and three women are shot to death in their home by Mujahideen.
2014.11.24 DRC Beni 45 0 Forty-five more victims of Islamist violence are found buried in a common grave.
2014.11.24 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Three women are among six executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.24 Nigeria Chibok 20 3 Twenty villagers are shot and burned by pro-Sharia militants.
2014.11.24 Egypt Cairo 1 0 A man slashes the throat of his unmarried sister after discovering that she is pregnant.
2014.11.24 Syria Homs 1 0 A religious minority is beheaded by the caliphate for apostasy.
2014.11.24 Afghanistan Kunduz 6 5 Two women are among six who bleed to death in the aftermath of a blast from a bomb planted on a motorcycle at a market.
2014.11.24 Afghanistan Kabul 3 1 Three civilians are aerated by a bomb planted on a bicycle.
2014.11.24 Nigeria Damasak 50 100 At least fifty people are thought to have been killed during a Boko Haram attack on a village.
2014.11.24 Iraq Shaab 12 32 A caliphate car bomb at a packed market in a majority-Shiite area claims a dozen lives.
2014.11.23 Thailand Yala 2 0 A Buddhist couple on their way to sell vegetables are shot to death by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2014.11.23 Philippines M'lang 3 22 Bangsamoro Islamic bombers lay three civilians at a plaza out cold.
2014.11.23 Afghanistan Paktika 61 66 Sixty people, including seventeen children, are torn to shreds by a suicide bomber at a volleyball match.
2014.11.23 Pakistan Orangi 1 0 A secular party leader is assassinated by religious radicals.
2014.11.23 Iraq Badush 50 0 A mass grave containing the remains of fifty victims executed by the Islamic State is discovered.
2014.11.23 Iraq Yusufiyah 7 16 Muslim terrorists bomb a busy market, killing seven.
2014.11.23 Iraq Diyala 7 18 A suicide bomber kills seven Iraqis.
2014.11.22 Kenya Mandera 28 0 Religion of Peace proponents stop a bus, single out and slaughter twenty-eight non-Muslims (including nine women) after identifying them as Christians.
2014.11.22 Iraq al-Sajariya 25 0 Twenty-five locals are shot to death by Islamic State 'fighters'.
2014.11.22 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 2 At least one person is killed by a Taliban bomb targeting a family vehicle.
2014.11.22 Mali Aguelhoc 2 10 Islamists kidnap a dozen children and kill two for trying to escape.
2014.11.22 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 0 1 A Danish citizen is shot by ISIS members.
2014.11.22 Iraq Baghdad 8 21 Two Mujahid bombings leave eight dead.
2014.11.22 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two middle-aged women are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.22 Iraq Balad 12 18 A dozen civilians are killed during a sustained ISIS assault on their town.
2014.11.22 Afghanistan Ghazni 3 1 Two brothers are among three Afghans gunned down by Sunni extremists.
2014.11.22 Pakistan Orangi 1 36 One person is killed when the Taliban throw a grenade into a political rally.
2014.11.21 Iraq Albu Farraj 5 10 Five people are sectionalized by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.11.21 Pakistan Mithra 2 0 Islamic militants kill two people with a bomb planted on a motorcycle.
2014.11.21 Iraq Zab 2 0 ISIS beheads two people at a market after accusing them of apostasy.
2014.11.21 Iraq Raqqa 6 0 Six Sunnis are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.20 Afghanistan Asadabad 1 5 A young boy is taken out by a Taliban rocket.
2014.11.20 Iraq al-Zawiya 18 0 Eighteen children die when ISIS display their families and force them to march through the desert.
2014.11.20 Egypt al-Sharqiya 1 1 A policeman is gunned down by Religion of Peace radicals.
2014.11.20 DRC Beni 50 0 Fifty villagers are butchered by axe and machete-wielding Islamists.
2014.11.20 Nigeria Doron Baga 56 0 Fifty-six fish vendors are brutally butchered by Islamists, some by beheading and others by drowning.
2014.11.19 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A Shia police officer is gunned down in a targeted sectarian attack.
2014.11.19 Egypt Negah Shabana 10 1 Three women and three children are among ten civilians killed when their houses are hit by Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis mortars.
2014.11.19 Iraq Erbil 6 29 A suicide bomber takes out five Kurdish 'apostates'.
2014.11.19 Iraq Tikrit 12 0 Twelve young ISIS execution victims are found bound and shot.
2014.11.19 Nigeria Azaya Kura 45 0 Forty-five villagers are slaughtered by armed Islamists, who tied the victims and slit their throats.
2014.11.19 Iraq Tikrit 15 50 Shiite militia attack a Sunni village and murder fifteen people.
2014.11.18 Afghanistan Baghlan 0 20 Children are among the casualties when fundamentalists bomb a crowd gathered to watch a sporting event.
2014.11.18 Israel Jerusalem 5 7 Three Americans are among four rabbis and a guard, who are hacked to death at a synagogue by two Palestinian terrorists with axes shouting praises to Allah.
2014.11.18 Pakistan Shabqadar 2 0 al-Qaeda member throw a grenade at two traffic cops, killing them both.
2014.11.18 Pakistan Nasti Kot 2 5 An 11-year-old boy is among two killed when the Taliban bomb a school bus carrying Shia students.
2014.11.18 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Three suicide bombers manage to take out two security guards near a housing complex.
2014.11.18 Kenya Mombasa 3 0 Youth rampage through the streets and stab three people to death 'in revenge' for police raids on two mosques
2014.11.18 Yemen Taez 1 0 A prominent Sunni politician is assassinated by suspected Shia radicals.
2014.11.17 Iraq Baghdad 6 16 Six Iraqis are laid out by a Mujahid car bomb.
2014.11.17 Pakistan Manghopir 1 0 A seminary administrator is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.11.17 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A man is shot dead and his wife injured by Muslim militants.
2014.11.17 Iraq Baghdad 8 22 Jihadis set off a car bomb in a commercial district that claims the lives of eight innocents.
2014.11.17 Iraq al-Baghdadi 3 8 Two bombings, one a suicide blast, leave three dead.
2014.11.17 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Six doctors are executed in cold blood by the caliphate.
2014.11.17 Philippines Mindanao 3 0 Three off-duty soldiers are machine-gunned in their pickup truck by Bangsamoro Islamic members.
2014.11.17 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A Somali-American engineer is shot by al-Shabaab while working on a sanitation project.
2014.11.17 Afghanistan Farah 2 1 A civilian and police officer succumb following at Taliban ambush.
2014.11.17 Iraq Tikrit 3 12 Three people are killed when the Islamic State blows up their homes.
2014.11.17 Iraq Majjara 18 44 A sustained assault by the caliphate that included a suicide bomber leaves eighteen defenders dead.
2014.11.16 Nigeria Azere 13 65 A female suicide bomber detonates at a mobile phone market, killing thirteen patrons.
2014.11.16 Philippines North Cotabato 1 17 One person is killed when Islamists set off a bomb near an elementary school.
2014.11.16 Bangladesh Rajshahi 1 0 A professor is hacked to death near his university for opposing full-face veils.
2014.11.16 Afghanistan Faryab 3 1 Two women are among three family members executed by a religious fundamentalist.
2014.11.16 Syria Dabiq 1 0 The Islamic State beheads a humanitarian worker while crediting Allah.
2014.11.16 Syria Dabiq 18 0 Caliphate members line up and slit the throats of eighteen prisoners in a mass beheading.
2014.11.16 Afghanistan Kabul 3 17 Three people are killed when a suicide bomber tries to assassinate a female lawmaker.
2014.11.16 India Dogripora 1 0 A civilian is promptly eliminated after running afoul of Islamic extremists.
2014.11.16 Iraq Hillah 2 1 Terrorists take out two children with a roadside bomb.
2014.11.16 Iraq Baghdad 3 14 Two bombings at an airport - one a suicide blast - leave three others dead.
2014.11.16 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two women are shot to death by suspected Muslim 'separatists'.
2014.11.16 Pakistan Datta Khel 4 11 Religious hardliners fire rockets into a checkpoint, killing four security personnel.
2014.11.16 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Three children and their parents are slaughtered by ISIS for refusing to allow a member to 'marry' their daughter.
2014.11.16 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A woman who ran for political office is arrested and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.16 Iraq Beiji 9 15 A Religion of Peace car bomb sends nine souls to Allah.
2014.11.15 Iraq Taji 4 21 Four people are murdered at a market by Jihadi bombers.
2014.11.15 Nigeria Gombi 2 0 Two town residents are murdered by Boko Haram.
2014.11.15 Thailand Yala 1 0 A Buddhist teacher is brought down by Muslim gunmen.
2014.11.15 Iraq Jalawla 2 0 Two civilians are executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.15 Iraq Anbar 4 0 Four truck drivers are kidnapped and executed by the caliphate.
2014.11.15 Philippines Pikit 2 3 Two civilians die when Bangsamoro Islamic terrorists send a mortar into their village.
2014.11.15 Afghanistan Arandu 2 4 Two defenders are killed when the Taliban attack a border checkpoint.
2014.11.14 Nigeria Chibok 12 0 A dozen are killed when Islamists invade a peaceful town and throw explosives into homes.
2014.11.14 Afghanistan Mehraban Kalay 1 0 A man is publicly beheaded by religious fundamentalists.
2014.11.14 Iraq Fallujah 2 7 A woman and child are disassembled by an ISIS rocket.
2014.11.14 Nigeria Kano 6 5 A suicide bomber at a petrol station incinerates six other souls.
2014.11.14 Philippines Talipao 5 26 Five local soldiers are ambushed and killed by Abu Sayyaf.
2014.11.14 Iraq Baghdad 10 36 Two car bombs produce ten dead Iraqis.
2014.11.14 Iraq Waziriya 9 34 Fundamentalists set off a car bomb near a theater, killing nine.
2014.11.14 Iraq Tikrit 15 5 Fifteen Iraqis are taken out by a suicide bomber near a university.
2014.11.14 Iraq Azamiyah 11 24 Eleven lose their lives when Jihadis bomb a street packed with shops and vendors.
2014.11.13 Afghanistan Herat 1 0 A moderate cleric is gunned down by co-religionists.
2014.11.13 Iraq Thar Thar 16 0 Two children are among sixteen victims of a brutal Islamic State execution.
2014.11.13 Nigeria Gwoza 16 0 Boko Haram murder sixteen civilians looking for food.
2014.11.13 Afghanistan Kabul 4 0 The Taliban murder four local soldiers with IEDs.
2014.11.13 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 5 Children are among the casualties of a fundamentalist bombing.
2014.11.13 Thailand Yala 1 1 Militant Muslims gun down a cleric and injure his young son.
2014.11.13 Libya Derna 2 0 Two more secularists are beheaded by Islamic supremacists.
2014.11.13 Egypt Sinai 5 16 Five security personnel are murdered by Muslim extremists.
2014.11.13 Iraq Baghdad 17 0 Seventeen victims of a suspected Shia militia execution are discovered, each shot in the head.
2014.11.13 Iraq Baghdad 5 11 Five patrons at a restaurant are blown up in mid-bite by Mujahid bombers.
2014.11.13 Iraq Fallujah 2 0 Two tribal elders are dragged to a bridge and murdered by caliphate loyalists.
2014.11.13 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 1 One civilian is killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2014.11.12 Pakistan Qambar 1 0 A secular party leader is assassinated by the Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2014.11.12 Yemen Rada 16 0 An al-Qaeda suicide car bomber dispatches over a dozen Shiites.
2014.11.12 Nigeria Kontagora 0 4 Four others are injured when a female suicide bomber detonates at a teachers college.
2014.11.12 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A man is shot to death in his car by al-Shabaab.
2014.11.12 Iraq Kobani 3 8 Three civilians are killed when ISIS shells a town.
2014.11.12 Libya Tobruk 9 20 At least nine people lose their lives to two Islamist car bombs.
2014.11.12 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A Hindu trader is shot in the head by Muslim gunmen.
2014.11.12 Iraq Baghdad 11 21 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out eleven people milling around a town square.
2014.11.12 Iraq Yusifiya 6 20 A half-dozen Iraqis are pulled into pieces by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2014.11.12 Iraq Diyala 6 0 Six are reported dead following a suicide car bombing.
2014.11.12 Syria Karnaz 7 9 Seven children are bleed out after Sunni terrorists fire a rocket into their school.
2014.11.12 Egypt Domyat 8 5 Eight Egyptian sailors are dead following a boat attack by Islamic militants.
2014.11.12 Pakistan Charsadda 1 2 The caretaker of a Shia shrine is picked off in a sectarian drive-by.
2014.11.12 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 The bullet-riddled body of a Shiite is found after being kidnapped by suspected Sunnis.
2014.11.12 Yemen Rada 26 0 Two dozen devout Shiites are sent to Allah by equally devout al-Qaeda bombers.
2014.11.11 Pakistan Lahore 3 0 Three alleged prostitutes are 'honor' killed by family members.
2014.11.11 Somalia Mogadishu 1 4 One person is killed during two Islamist shooting attacks.
2014.11.11 Pakistan Shirindara 2 6 Fifty Islamists attack a police checkpoint and kill two officers.
2014.11.11 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 3 A civilians is left dead after Sharia advocates send a mortar round into a neighborhood.
2014.11.11 Iraq Tarmiya 3 16 Three Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2014.11.11 Iraq Baghdad 8 23 Eight people are eliminated by Jihadi bombers.
2014.11.11 Nigeria Rim 1 0 Muslim gunmen target church-goers, killing one.
2014.11.11 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 A local Shia leader is picked off in a grocery store by Sunni gunmen.
2014.11.11 Egypt al-Arish 0 10 Religious extremists set off a bomb at a fast food restaurant.
2014.11.11 Iraq Baiji 8 15 Eight people are reduced to pulp by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.11.11 Pakistan Quetta 1 32 Islamists are suspected in a bombing that kills an 11-year-old boy.
2014.11.11 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 Fundamentalists shoot a teacher to death on his way to school.
2014.11.11 Pakistan Bajaur 3 2 Three guards are killed when fundamentalist bombers target an anti-polio medical team.
2014.11.11 Pakistan Kyber 3 1 A student is among three people murdered by Taliban militants.
2014.11.10 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A Buddhist man is shot to death in a Muslims attack that leaves his wife seriously injured.
2014.11.10 Pakistan Sadiqabad 2 2 Sunni gunmen kill two people at a Shiite worship hall.
2014.11.10 Syria Damascus 5 0 al-Nusra is blamed for the murder of five engineers.
2014.11.10 Somalia Mogashishu 1 0 al-Shabaab gunmen pick off a government official.
2014.11.10 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 22-year-old pregnant woman is shot to death by her father for marrying by choice.
2014.11.10 Nigeria Potiskum 58 117 A horrific suicide blast at a school assembly claims the lives of sixty students and teachers.
2014.11.10 Iraq Baiji 5 11 Five Iraqis are cut to shreds by a Religion of Peace IED.
2014.11.10 Israel Tel Aviv 1 0 A soldier is stabbed by an Arab terrorist.
2014.11.10 Israel Alon Shvut 1 4 Palestinians stab an Israeli woman to death.
2014.11.10 Iraq Makhoul 15 0 Women and children are heavily represented among fifteen civilians killed by targeted bomb attacks on their homes.
2014.11.10 Yemen Sanaa 3 0 Radical Shiites attack an airport and kill three people.
2014.11.10 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 1 Three teachers are killed when fundamentalists bomb a school.
2014.11.10 Afghanistan Puli Alam 9 3 Nine Afghans are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.11.09 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Sunni rickshaw driver is shot dead by sectarian rivals.
2014.11.09 Iraq Hit 100 0 One hundred Iraqi tribesmen are lined up and executed by the Islamic State.
2014.11.09 Cameroon Kolofata 3 0 Three civilians are killed when Boko Haram stage attacks on their town.
2014.11.09 Iraq Baqubah 3 0 Two brother are among three shepherds shot to death by suspected ISIS.